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    Weather for KitesI have found since I have started flying kites that I have a greater interest in the weather.  Aside from taking a long hard gaze at every flag pole I pass,  I have come to find a couple of online weather sources really helpful.

    Environment Canada's weather site.  Find weather, wind speed and direction by city and town in Canada.  A great tool for kite flyers!

    Wind Energy Atlas "aims at developing new meteorological tools to be used by Canada's wind energy industry. It offers the possibility to browse through the results of the numerical simulations that were run on all of Canada in order to determine its wind energy potential. Consultants and the general public will find here valuable data about this promising renewable energy."  Good source of wind information!  

    Launch Code "is the premiere weather forecast source for sport aviation pilots. The forecast data is read 'real-time' from the National Weather Service Aviation web site. This data is adjusted to the local time zone and converted into a graphical format.  With over 1000 locations across the country to choose from including Hawaii and Alaska, you can probably find a Launch Code station near you."  GO THERE

    Truth be told, despite the best weather intelligence- you just never know for sure!  Living in Southern Alberta Canada, the wind for kite flying is often feast or famine.  I compensate for this by: a) keeping a few kites in the car.  You never know when you may have some time to fly and the weather is right! b) I like to have some low wind, some standard and high wind kites - a kite for every wind!

    So good luck!  And we sincerely wish you Smooth Winds!

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