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  • Christmas Rush

     Cruising in on the big day!   Christmas day is 8 days away and yes, there is still time to get that special something delivered on 
    Mike Character
    time for Christmas morning to most parts of the country using Xpress Post!   As you may appreciate the elves here at the Great Canadian Kite Company have been packing and shipping kites at a fevered pace.   With each box that is packed and picked up for delivery, I keep thinking about each name I see on each box.  I often wonder how they celebrate the holidays and how much I hope the kites we are sending will put a smile on their face and provide hours of fun in the sky.

    It is a bit natural this time of year to reflect upon the year coming to a close.  In so many ways its been a fantastic year - the Kite business has been very good to us again and we are very grateful.  We are very grateful for every order that is placed, every email and telephone call.   We have so enjoyed the many special projects we have done with various groups.  We have enjoyed meeting with folks on the kite fields and kite gatherings.   It has been a great year.

    Andrea with Revolution kiteI have opportunity to meet and talk with others in other industries and I realize once again, that I have the wonderful opportunity to enjoy what I do, work with good folks and have made some pretty good friendships.   It is so gratifying to see such a large percentage of our business as repeat business.

    We have had great response to our promotional events and special Customer Appreciation sales where our customers are given the inside track on some pretty cool sales and offers.   It is a good idea to make sure you are signed up for our e-mailing list to take advantage of these exclusive offers.

    2013 is just around the corner and with that there is a general sense of expectation for another great year here at the Great Canadian Kite Company - we have plans for some strategic expansion, expanding some product lines and deepening our relationships with some of our suppliers.  This means you will continue to have a reputable, home-grown source for some of the most exciting Kite products on the market today - providing parts, service and selection - all at competitive prices!
    Mike and Super Bear Kite
    Over the holidays, we intended to enjoy some family time, and weather permitting, spend as much time as possible catching up on some badly needed kite flying time!   I have a son who is itching for the maiden flight of his new Revolution kite!

    Once more,  we wish to say a big THANKS to our suppliers and industry colleagues for helping make 2012 a great year!  Especially, we wish to thank all of our customers, new and old, for without you none of this would have been possible!

    From us to you,  our prayers and best wishes from a wonderful Christmas and a safe, prosperous and kite flying-filled new year!

    The Rose's

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