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  • Christmas Break

     Kites for ChristmasWell in a little less than 24 hours the big day will be here!   It has been a very busy season for us this year and we are looking forward to some time away as a family.   We are visiting family for Christmas and have the opportunity to connect with my sister and her family - who we haven't seen in about two years!  We are really excited about some much need rest and reconnecting with family, and as a family for some fun!

    If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, you probably haven't heard about of Boxing Day Kite Sale.  If you are at all interested, be sure sign-up on our home page before Boxing Day.  For those who don't know, from time to time we like to say thanks to our customers by giving them the inside track on special events, new products and discount codes.

    The holiday looks like it will be a cold and snowy one here in Southern Alberta, Canada but we have scoped out a recreation centre with a large gymnasium and we'll 
    The Echo Indoor Kite
    be taking the opportunity to do some indoor kite flying.  We will be taking an Echo , a Skate by Paul de Bakker and an Indoor Revolution.  Flying kites indoors takes some practice but I find it to be a real rush and when you have the right equipment it is so relaxing and very beautiful.  A great way to escape the hustle of a fast-paced life!

    Indoor Revolution KitePlease be sure to check your email (if you are subscribed to our mailing list) for our Boxing Week email and take advantage of even more saving off our already competitive pricing!   Please note, we will be away from the telephone from December 24-30, 2012 but we still check our emails and are happy to reply to your questions!  New Orders will be shipped starting January 2nd, 2013.

    Have a super Christmas and a wonderful week of Christmas festivities.  Our hope is there will be plenty of opportunity for you to get some kite flying time too!



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