Tied to the Sky / kite anatomy

  • Setting up your New Dual-Line Stunt Kite

    With summer coming to an end and fading into autumn, we managed to get some breathing time to get out to the kite field today, a lovely day in Taber, Alberta, Canada.   Jake and I took the opportunity to do a home-spun video on setting up your new dual-line stunt kite.   The kite used in this video was a trick machine by Into the Wind - The Trickster - a super cool kite loaded with features for the intermediate pilot. We have also included a short bit on the anatomy of a stunt kite but we will be...

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  • Glossary of Kite Terms

    There are a variety of terms that are used in the sport of Kite flying.  Here is a short list to give you some common lingo and their meaning! Bridle:  the lines which connect to the kite sail and frame to help support the kite and/or to orient the kite at a proper angle to the wind. Carbon / Graphite:  Stunt kite frames are made of carbon fiber which is relatively are rigid  material and light weight.    Can be in a rod or tube form.  Popular graphite products include: Sky Shark, Icone and Revolution. Wrapped or extruded. Centre T:  Where...

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