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  • Prism Isotope & Mantis Kite : Tech Tips

    Prism Kites has had reports from Isotope and Mantis owners that they were having trouble getting them to fly stable without wandering back and forth. It took a while to diagnose the problem because whenever we'd get a kite back to check it would fly perfectly- frustrating! After much detective work we finally figured it out, and kites in production from summer 2015 onward were tweaked to address the problem. Here's what you need to know- please pass the word if you hear from someone having trouble:Mantis: The Mantis flies nice and stable as long as the Velcro at the end of...

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  • Meet HQ Kites

     We spend a great deal of time looking for great kites and accessories for our customers.   Our goal is to find those kites that are great looking and engaging visually but also are good flyers!  How many of us have been frustrated to go and try to fly a kite that looks cool in the store but doesn't fly well? This is no way to spend leisure time especially with our children.  We also spend a a lot of time getting to know the manufacturer.  We are interested in their customer service.  Quite frankly, if they treat us well,...

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