Tied to the Sky / Skate

  • Glide Kites - Zero Wind Elegance

    No wind? No problem!   Glide kites are hugely popular for just this reason.   A combination of single line kite flying and the skill and interactiveness of stunt kite flying these tethered gliders float, spin stat all dive and glide on a puff of wind or a simple tug on the line.    This incredibly graceful for of kite flying is don up close and personal which makes it ideal for small spaces and indoor flying! One of our favourites is the Skate from the good folks at Into The Wind.  The Skate is a Paul de Bakkers design. Paul de...

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  • Christmas Break

     Well in a little less than 24 hours the big day will be here!   It has been a very busy season for us this year and we are looking forward to some time away as a family.   We are visiting family for Christmas and have the opportunity to connect with my sister and her family - who we haven't seen in about two years!  We are really excited about some much need rest and reconnecting with family, and as a family for some fun! If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, you probably haven't heard about of Boxing Day...

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