Tied to the Sky

  • Our Story

    The Great Canadian Kite Company is a family owned and operated business based in Taber, Alberta Canada. We enjoy the sport of Kite flying and we fly everything from single line kites to stunt kites to traction kites.  It's about having fun flying kites! We have established ourselves as a premiere source of quality kites to kite flyers of all levels and interests throughout North America . As kite flyers, our vision is to expand the sport, to foster community among Canadian kite flyers and to become the ‘first choice’ supplier of quality kites and accessories in Canada.   WHY KITES?? We are often asked how we found...

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  • How to tie a Larks Head Knot

     The Larks Head knot is the single most useful knot in kiting. You will use this knot to attach your flying line to your kites tow points (akaPig tails). The Larks Head is a slip knot, therefore the more you pull the tighter it becomes, so there is no chance of it coming loose in while the kite is in the air. As soon as the tension is released (after landing the kite) the knot is easy to pull loose and undo.  Check out this great video by Kitelife.com:

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  • Kite Line - They Ain't all the same.

    In 1985  Shanti invented speed-line, the worlds first spectra kite line.  Speed line has been copied by nearly every kite company in the world and it has been widely used in the sport fishing industry.     To make Spectra suitable for fishing line, companies began coating the line to make it easier to handle, but ironically for the kiteflyer in increased friction!  In past 10 years kiteflyers have grown accustom to coated flying lines and some prefer the feel.  During this time the quality of coating has improved significantly and in 2009, Shanti began working with engineers to produce a coating that was specifically designed for kiteflying...

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