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    The Atomic has been designed for medium to strong winds in order to cope with stouter breezes extremely well. The Atomic is very well equipped and gives immediate fun at a very attractive price. With this kite, beginners and advanced pilots will be fully satisfied. Basic tricks can be easily learned with the Atomic at medium wind speeds. With a fresher wind, it is just fun to feel the pull which, however, can always be controlled. Collapsible leading edges allow an easy reduction of the kite – so the Atomic becomes the ideal travelling partner. At lower wind speeds, the Atomic flies very silently. At higher wind speeds, it gets a bit louder, but without becoming unpleasant.


    Width 218 cm
    Height 92 cm
    Sail Ripstop-Polyester
    Frame carbon 5+6 mm
    Line incl., Dyneema 130 lb., 2 x 80 ft. on winder with straps
    Wind 10-49 kph
    Age 14+
  • Atomic
  • Atomic
  • Atomic

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