• HQ Scout III Traction Kite


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  • Description

    The Scout 3  is newly designed and delivers high quality but affordable entry into the world of traction kites.  It is the traction foil you can always rely on for snow and land use.  The flying characteristics of the Scout 3 are uncompromisingly focused on the needs of kite schools and pilots seeking a quick success with a kite on a bar!

    Performance and turning speed have been significantly improved and this kite provides excellent de-power and plenty of easy handling for beginners and advanced pilots alike!


    • faster turning and improved flight performance
    • optimized simplicity for snow and land kiting beginners
    • adjustable turning speed and power
    • improved upwind performance
    • great in low wind
    • Ready to Fly -  Colored line set, 50 cm Bar with Safety Leash



    • Back pack
    • Control Bar with Safety Leash
    • Coloured Line set
    • Ground Stake for securing kite to the ground
    • Manual




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    * Ships usually within one business day. 

    CAUTION: These kites can generate tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all risk and liability for the safe and proper use of these kites. Be sure to follow instructions and safety precautions.


  • HQ Scout III Traction Kite
  • HQ Scout III Traction Kite
  • HQ Scout III Traction Kite
  • HQ Scout III Traction Kite
  • HQ Scout III Traction Kite

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