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    The newest in a long line of kites that go beyond the norm, the Zen is a cooperative design effort between John Barresi and Bazzer Poulter with significant research and development within Team iQuad and Revolution.

    In essence, the goal was to develop a kite with a significantly increased light wind ability, utilizing many of the dynamics that were incorporated into the B-Series Pro... With a massive increase in sail and a great sail to weight ratio, when tuned correctly, this light wind monster provides a high degree of line tension, power and control, you're not likely to find a better low wind kite anywhere.

    With the performance standards you know and love in the original and Pro model B-Series, the Zen is exclusively made by one of the best sewers and creators of kites Barry "Bazzer" Poulter so you can imagine the quality of these limited production sails, he personally does all lay up and sewing using only the very best Icarex sail cloth.

    Now realize, all kites need wind to some extent, whether it comes from Mother Nature or you put it there yourself, but this kite will allow you to maximize your life in event the lightest of wind so that with a little basic technique, you can actually fly in 0-3 mph with only a basic application of give and take without using a ton of real estate to do it.

    NOTE: The wind ranges below are based on having a certain degree of light wind ability, but even an intermediate pilot will be able to tell the difference right away.

    Available by Special Order so you can choose the frame(s) and or design your own sail!  Check out the Colourizer!  Contact us for pricing and delivery times!


    Wind Range:  0-6 mph

    Wing Span: 274cm (108")

    Frame(s): Zen Rods

      Special Order

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