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     The new Cosmic TC “XS” is smaller, more agile, more radical than the CTC. With 2.25 metre wingspan span and high-quality material makes for a “quick” Freestyler! This kite is packed with features and you can literally turn the sound on and off with simple adjustment!    Very similar flight characteristics as the big brother, a little quicker hands are required. A very fun kite!  The Cosmic TC XS has a wide wind range.

    Specs:                                                                                           In Stock and Ready to Ship

    • Wingspan: 225cm
    • Height: 85cm
    • Leading Edge: 6mm
    • Upper Spreader: 5mm structil
    • Lower Spreader: Black Diamond Nitro by Sky Shark
    • Spine: G-force
    • Two color variations: White with blue or red stripes


    The CTC XS is not an indoor kite but these guys fly it well in underground Caverns – Very cool!

  • Cosmic TC 'XS' - Freestyle Kite - Sale! by Kitehouse - Great Canadian Kite Company
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