• Leon II Stack - Kites

    Into The Wind

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  • Description

    Put on an Air Show!

    A looping and diving Leon Stack of kites is the easy way to put on a one-man show. These three brilliant, Art Deco style kites have 45-ft. long tails that let you use the sky as your canvas. Each maneuver is an artistic statement. Easy to fly, Leon has a sophisticated bridle that provides easy edge handling.

        • The case converts to hold the stack completely assembled.
        • The stack is linked together and Ready to Fly


    Size: 78cm x 81cm

    Sail: Ripstop Polyester

    Frame: Fibreglass

    Wind Range: 10 - 50 kph

    Line: 80ft x 50lb  with flying straps and winder - Included

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