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       The Rev 1.5 SLE continues to be the most dominant quadline sportwing on the market today, both with leisure fliers

    and competitors alike. The 1.5 SLE has a great sail-to-weight ratio which gives the pilot the freedom to fly in a wide range of wind conditions. 

    The high grade nylon sail teamed with the Super Leading Edge has created a sportwing that is quicker (clocked flying over 45 mph) with enhanced control-ability.
        This combination of speed and control make this model a very responsive and precise flying machine. The SLE boasts an amazingly crisp clean dive-stop maneuver, very impressive to the crowds you will attract flying this sportwing.  

    The 1.5 SLE Vented model has been designed for high wind conditions (12-40 kph). The double vertical vents on each wing section allow air to pass through the sail. This in turn reduces the pull and allows the flier more control with less stress. The vented 1.5 SLE, weighing in at only 295 grams, will add excitement and enjoyment to high wind conditions by increasing your comfort while flying with total control. This means the ability to accomplish precision moves and stop at will.

    Sold Kite only: Kite, frames and sleeve, OR Complete: Kite, frames, sleeve, DVD, handles and line set.


    • Wing Span: 230cm
    • Weight: 266 gm
    • Wind Range: 6-32 km/h 
    • Frame: 3-wrap   w/ 7/16" Super Leading Edge 
    • Bonus UL Leading Edge
      •  Std. Version
    • Wing Span: 230cm
    • Weight: 295 gm
    • Wind Range: 8-40 km/h 
    • Frame: 4-wrap   w/ 7/16" Super Leading Edge 
    • Bonus UL Leading Edge
      • Vented Version 

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