• PTerosaur

    Into The Wind

  • $ 250.00

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  • Description

    The Earth’s first flying creature returns!
    In the sky, George Peters’ dinosaur really comes to life with a slow soaring flight and a glancing eye as if searching the ground for dinner. In light winds, the Pterosaur’s gliding flight is surprisingly maneuverable and fun to play with. Slacken the line to let it glide close to the ground then pull on the line to make it climb. This large and unusual kite is a real eye grabber.



    Wing Span: 467 cm

    Height: 244 cm

    Tail: 270cm

    Sail: Ripstop Nylon

    Frame: Carbon Spar

    Case: 124 cm long

    Wind Range: 10 - 35 kph

    Recommended Line: 150lb, See it here. (Line sold separately)


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