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    Fly the Neo 3 and you will know why HQ made this kite. The predictable and progressive handling gives great feedback in all riding conditions. HQ have created the perfect use of power-to-square-metre ratio to give these kites incredible wind range and depower.

    The profile and the speed of the Neo 3 have been improved to create a kite that is great all-round. Wake style moves are now possible - go unhooked with a foil. From extreme pop to riding up wind, this kite performs on the highest level. Massive performance and stability allow for water relaunches thanks to the closed cell technology. The Neo 3 brings the fun back into kiting on any terrain.


    • Reduced bridle thickness for more performance
    • Dynamic flying characteristics
    • Total Depower Safety line (TDS) flag-out system.
    • Optimized unhooked capability
    • Closed cell technology
    • Designed with paragliding expert Tom Bourdeau 


    • High Quality Backpack
    • De-Power Control Bar
    • Coloured Y-Line set
    • Manual

      Note: The Neo 3 requires a leash line.  If you don't already have one, be sure to order one along with your kite.




        * Ships usually within one business day. 

        * Sales Tax (HST at Provincial rate if applicable) may be payable upon delivery.

        CAUTION: These kites can generate tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all risk and liability for the safe and proper use of these kites. Be sure to follow instructions and safety precautions.  

      • Neo 3
      • Neo 3
      • Neo 3

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