• HQ - APEX IV Traction Kite


  • $ 840.00

  • Description

    Designed and fine tuned for your easy entry into Snowkiting and all riders that love to explore the backcountry.

    The new 2013 Apex IV provides perfectly balanced flying characteristics.  An innovative winglet design reduces bridling, increases turning speed and provides more power than before. It has never been so easy to climb mountains.

    The Apex IV features:

    • More progressive power. But retains its legendary stablility and user-friendliness.
    • 30 percent less bridle.
    • Winglet technology to reduce drag and speed up turns.
    • Upgraded bar (Montana bar).
    • New sizing.
    • Improved, highest quality dyneema flying lines.


    * Ships usually within one business day. 

    * Sales Tax (HST at Provincial rate if applicable) may be payable upon delivery.


    CAUTION: These kites can generate tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all risk and liability for the safe and proper use of these kites. Be sure to follow instructions and safety precautions.
  • HQ - APEX IV Traction Kite
  • HQ - APEX IV Traction Kite
  • HQ - APEX IV Traction Kite
  • HQ - APEX IV Traction Kite

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