• HQ Harness


  • $ 249.00

  • Description

    The HQ Seat Harness is an excellent harness for land, water or snow kiting. HQ has built this harness very well with materials which will last!

    Includes a stainless steel spreader bar and hook for connecting to chicken loops on control bars, depower bars or strops connected between quad handles. Very secure with padding and multiple adjustments for comfort and fit.


    • 4 point belt set up
    • Neoprene leg straps
    • Adjustable back pressure
    • Quick release for harness bar


    These are harnesses are fairly generous and there is room to adjust on either side of the size measurements. (Remember to account for snow pants!)
    • Small: 28 – 30in
    • Medium: 30 – 32in
    • Large: 32 – 34in
    • XLarge: 34 – 36in
    • XXLarge: 38-42in

      Please be aware:

      We do Not recommend the use of harnesses for beginners.   We recommend learning on a trainer kite, getting lessons from a qualified instructor and taking care to follow all safety instructions.  Traction kites can generate a great deal of power and caution is strongly advised.  Great Canadian Company is not responsible for any damages or injury resulting from the use or misuse of this product.  Use at your own risk!

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