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    The Symphony Pro line is for the Kite Flyer who is looking for a finely tuned parafoil - fast, stable and efficient!  The Symphony Pro Kite ram-air, frameless foil design feels solid in the air and doesn't "luft" on the edge of the wind. Sewn Dynema bridles provide low-drag and strength for performance that is fast, stable and smooth. Elliptical profile and bridle configuration allows the Symphony Pro to relaunch after impact like no other.  Super hot sail design adds to the thrill of flying a truly awesome kite!

    Available in 3 sizes allows the pilot to choose how much pull they are looking for. With a compact carrying case with carabiner, it's easy to take on your next adventure when the wind picks up.

    Comes Ready to Fly with lines and flying straps!


    Product Specs

    1.3 Pro

    Size: 130cm x 55cm

    Sail: Ripstop Nylon

    Line: 100lb x 80ft Dyneema on winder with straps( included)

    Wind Range: 10 - 49 kph

    Age: 8+



    1.8 Pro

    Size: 180cm x 60cm

    Sail: Ripstop Nylon

    Line: 220lb x 80ft Dyneema on winder with straps (included)

    Wind Range: 10-49kph

    Age: 12+


    2.5 Pro
    Size: 250 cm x 73 cm

    Sail: Ripstop-Nylon

    Line: Dyneema 140 kp / 310 lb x80 ft. on winder with straps, incl.

    Wind Range: 6-49 km/h

    Age: 14+

    • Symphony PRO Kites
    • Symphony PRO Kites
    • Symphony PRO Kites
    • Symphony PRO Kites
    • Symphony PRO Kites
    • Symphony PRO Kites
    • Symphony PRO Kites

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