Tied to the Sky / attaching line to your kite

Stunt Kite Flying Basics

Stunt Kite Flying Basics

Have you seen our stunt Kite flying manual?

 Flying stunt kites is an exciting way to enjoy the fresh air, get some exercise and relax.  Many people like to learn the latest tricks, while others like to fly their kite listening to music on their iPod.  Stunt kites are a wonderful way to spend your leisure time with friends and family. The following is our illustrated start up guide for flying two line stunt kites.  This material was collected from a variety of sources and presented here for your information and interest.

These basic tips will help you get in the air faster and enjoy more success as you take to the skies with your new kite.  Also have a look in our resource section for some great online kite fly tutorials to help take you to the next levels!

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Kite flying instructions.  How to fly a stunt kite


How to Fly a trick kite - two line kite

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How to tie a Larks Head Knot

A great how- to tie kite flyer's favourite knot - the Larks Head Knot!    A very easy know to learn and makes connecting your lines to your kite a breeze! 

The Larks Head knot is the single most useful knot in kiting. You will use this knot to attach your flying line to your kites tow points (akaPig tails). The Larks Head is a slip knot, therefore the more you pull the tighter it becomes, so there is no chance of it coming loose in while the kite is in the air. As soon as the tension is released (after landing the kite) the knot is easy to pull loose and undo. 

Check out this great video by Kitelife.com:

Be sure to check out our kite resource section on our Canadian online kite shop where you will find a host of kite related resources: trick tutorials, kite terms, kite diagrams, weather links, kite festivals and more!  Another reason why Great Canadian kite Company is a great place to buy kites in Canada!

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