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Tied to the Sky

Why People Choose Great Canadian Kite Company?

Repeat business, and customer referrals from happy satisfied customers like you help us continue to offer quality, affordable kites and kite accessories. Your kite flying experience should be awesome and our goal is to help you get the most out of the products you need and want.  We don’t just sell kites, we fly them too.  We are small town folks, with small town values like honesty, integrity and hard work.  It’s no accident that we work hardto provide professional service, and an e-shopping experience that provides value to you.

Here are just three ways we add value to your purchase with Great Canadian Kite Company!

We sell great kites!  We are really serious about this.  We work with reputable kite manufacturers who stand behind their products and have inventory for parts.  

We choose kites that provide great value  performance and quality at a fair price.  We don't raise prices only to put them on sale, nor do we increase our prices to offer free shipping!

No hassle shipping!  Some competitors offer free shipping but check the fine print!  Often these offers don't include Canada and often don't mention the custom brokerage costs when the kite is delivered.



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Spring has arrived!

 After a looong winter, Spring has finally arrived in our small corner of the Canadian prairies.  They days are getting warmer, sun shining longer and of course nice wind!   Our fresh stock continues to arrive and being added and updated in our online kite store.  We are really excited with the addition of a few new products and these include:

Revolution Kites New Sail patterns and colours for the Revolution 1.5 packed with both the SLE and 3-Wrap leading edge making this a really great kite package!   There are quite a few new designs for 2013 and we have also added some new B-Series as well!  

Remember, if we don't have it - we can get it!  We work very closely with Revolution kites - ask us about your own designed Custom B-Series!

The O'Canada Rev 1.5 is back by popular demand!  Exclusive to the Great Canadian Kite Company, the classic, edgy, red, maple leaf-esque sail is available in Vented, Mid Vent and Full sail.  New for 2013 with the full sail is a complete 3 wrap frame and a complete 4 wrap frame.  We have dropped the SLE in this model to tweak the performance even more in this kite!  The 4 wrap gives you more upper wind range with all the flex and performance!   We also have expanded our selection of Rev accessories including frames, handles and quality Spectra Shanti quad-line sets!

The Jazz is a new addition in our beginner kite section.  We have been searching for just the right kite to retire the HQ Bebop.  The 

Bebop has been a super kite for us but it's time to change things up!  The Jazz is made by popular Seattle based kite maker Prism and is a great intro package - packed with value!Beginner stunt kite
Next is the Multi-Kite - The frameless Multi-Kite combines all the good things about kiting. The contemplative and relaxing side of single line kite flying and the sporty side of stunt kite flying. With this kite, both becomes so easy that we recommend the Multi-Kite for kids ages 10+. Flown as a single line kite, it develops light but noticeable pull. The long tube tail helps to stabilize its flying characteristics. Simply take out part of the bridle line, attach flying straps and the Multi-Kite becomes a stunt kite. Perfect for beginners, the kite flies slowly which helps the first time flyer to perform loops, turns and dives with ease. The attached tube tail provides a colorful trail that follows the kites every move.
foil kite
We have a number of other great new kites in stock which we will feature in future posts.   We hope you will take a good look through our online kite store and check out the many exciting, quality kites!  Remember, we are here to assist you, to answer your questions by email or telephone!  In addition, we are available to help with any kite parts or repairs you may require.
We are reminded afresh each spring just how much we really enjoy kites and that this is the reason we started selling kites in the first place!  We want to share the fun!  We are also dedicated to being a top-shelf Canadian Kite shop providing quality, great flying kites at fair price with great service in Canada and beyond!

Good Winds!
The Rose's

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