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Prism Isotope & Mantis Kite : Tech Tips

Prism Kites has had reports from Isotope and Mantis owners that they were having trouble getting them to fly stable without wandering back and forth. It took a while to diagnose the problem because whenever we'd get a kite back to check it would fly perfectly- frustrating! After much detective work we finally figured it out, and kites in production from summer 2015 onward were tweaked to address the problem. Here's what you need to know- please pass the word if you hear from someone having trouble:

Mantis: The Mantis flies nice and stable as long as the Velcro at the end of the spine is tightened enough to put a downward bow in the spine when it's assembled. If the Velcro is loose and the spine has no bow it will reduce stability, especially in stronger winds. That info is in the instructions for the Mantis, but there is now a printed tag sewn right onto the Velcro to remind customers as they assemble the kite.

Isotope: The early Isotopes had a similar issue with spine tension, but with the opposite result- of all the rotten luck!  For the Isotope, the kite can be unstable if the spines are tensioned very tightly with the tail Velcros during assembly. This flattens the sail too much for stable flight and the kite can wander back and forth in stronger winds. To fix it in production last summer we shortened the Isotope spines slightly so it would be impossible for a customer to pull the Velcro too tight.


Thanks to Prism Kites for this information.  These issues are related to kites in the first run of production, early last Spring.  Great Canadian Kite Company didn't receive kites from this manufacturing lot but we have received customer service calls from those who purchased this lot from other kite retailers.  We have provided this info and sure it will help you really enjoy your kites!

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Meet HQ Kites

 Salsa II Stunt kiteWe spend a great deal of time looking for great kites and accessories for our customers.   Our goal is to find those kites that are great looking and engaging visually but also are good flyers!  How many of us have been frustrated to go and try to fly a kite that looks cool in the store but doesn't fly well? This is no way to spend leisure time especially with our children.  We also spend a a lot of time getting to know the manufacturer.  We are interested in their customer service.  Quite frankly, if they treat us well, do what they say they are going to do and stand behind their products with concrete action (having a flash back to a scene in the Chris Farley movie Tommy Boy when they are talking about "a guarantee on the box") - these are all good indicators of the quality of their products.   We have the pleasure of dealing with several of these kinds of Kite manufactures and we wanted to introduce you to one of our favorites HQ Kites.

We have been working with HQ Kites for many years now and hands down they are in the top 3 kite manufacturers for quality, product support and innovation.  Add to this outstanding dealer / customer support.  Professional from the word "go", HQ strives with all their products; from Windspiration™ lawn and garden spinners, to HQ Powerkites, Stunt kites and other fun and engaging outdoor toys, to appeal to people who value quality, color and beauty.

So we wanted to share a little bit of HQ Kites story with you from their website:

"INVENTO, with its trademark HQ, is well known in the leisure and sport activities markets for more than 20 yearsWorldwide, kites HQ Power Traction Kiteand Windspiration products have been successfully sold under the trademark of "HQ". In 2007 the share of export business was more than 60%. This figure shows the extraordinary acceptance of the HQ high quality products in Germany and outside the German domestic market.

INVENTO strives to provide the specialty retail market with products demonstrating the highest levels of innovative design and quality. Our entire line of advanced leisure and learning products are developed to appeal to people concerned with quality, educational value, and beauty. The designs we have selected are exceptional both for their sophistication and fascination.

INVENTO is famous for an impressing number of innovations and making the pace for many markets. HQ Kite Single line KitesQuality, superior design and strength of innovation are the basis for the enduring success of HQ-products that are made of high grade components to surpass the customers expectations."

HQ Kites has a North American presence as well. HQ Kites & Designs USA is the national sales and distribution company located Powells Point, North Carolina, in the wonderful Outer Banks region. As a 100% own subsidiary of INVENTO, they have an international background using a worldwide network of designers Scout II by HQ Kitesand engineers to ensure the highest level of innovation and quality.

Great Canadian Kite Company is pleased to offer a wide variety of HQ Kite products including fun and engaging children's kites as well as the more intricate single line and celular style (Box) of kites.   We also carry many of their introductory and intermediate dual line stunt kites, both framed and foil kites, for those looking for the ultimate in play value.   Likewise, we are pleased to offer the full line up of HQ PowerKites and trainer kites for the adrenaline junkies looking to ride the wind on land or water.

We are excited as we put the finishing touches on our Spring inventory order from HQ Kites and know you will enjoy them as much as we do!

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