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Tied to the Sky

Kites for Father's Day - June 19

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Father's Day is just around the corner, but it's not too late to get the special dad in your life a gift that will thrill!. Kites are a fantastic way to get some fresh air, fly stress away and have fun! Whether he is tearing up the sky with a Stunt Kite or chillin' with a Single Line Kite dancing on the wind, are great fun for the whole family!

We have a wide selection  of quality made, great flying single line kites for almost any taste!.  Easy to fly kites in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs make single line kites a great choice for family fun and relaxation!

Our Stunt kites will Thrill!!  Stunt kites allow the flyer to become a pilot as they take control of the kite lines; fly loops and spins, and with practice, you can learn some jaw-dropping kite tricks.  Stunt kites are a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Great Canadian Kite Company is your full service Kite Shop serving Canada and Great Canadian Kite Companybeyond from Alberta.  Check out our selection of quality kites in our online kite shop.  Quality Kites, selection and top notch service and support before AND after your kite purchase!

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Prism Isotope & Mantis Kite : Tech Tips

Prism Kites has had reports from Isotope and Mantis owners that they were having trouble getting them to fly stable without wandering back and forth. It took a while to diagnose the problem because whenever we'd get a kite back to check it would fly perfectly- frustrating! After much detective work we finally figured it out, and kites in production from summer 2015 onward were tweaked to address the problem. Here's what you need to know- please pass the word if you hear from someone having trouble:

Mantis: The Mantis flies nice and stable as long as the Velcro at the end of the spine is tightened enough to put a downward bow in the spine when it's assembled. If the Velcro is loose and the spine has no bow it will reduce stability, especially in stronger winds. That info is in the instructions for the Mantis, but there is now a printed tag sewn right onto the Velcro to remind customers as they assemble the kite.

Isotope: The early Isotopes had a similar issue with spine tension, but with the opposite result- of all the rotten luck!  For the Isotope, the kite can be unstable if the spines are tensioned very tightly with the tail Velcros during assembly. This flattens the sail too much for stable flight and the kite can wander back and forth in stronger winds. To fix it in production last summer we shortened the Isotope spines slightly so it would be impossible for a customer to pull the Velcro too tight.


Thanks to Prism Kites for this information.  These issues are related to kites in the first run of production, early last Spring.  Great Canadian Kite Company didn't receive kites from this manufacturing lot but we have received customer service calls from those who purchased this lot from other kite retailers.  We have provided this info and sure it will help you really enjoy your kites!

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