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Kite Carry Bags

Kite Carry Bags

$ 75.00 

Kite carrying made nice and easy!

Kite bags are ideal to keep your kites and accessories together while in storage, on route to the flying field and in the field itself.  Keep extra line sets, parts, flying straps, kite stakes, water bottles, etc together in one spot.  Goes a long way to keep you from losing and forgetting stuff and makes for a quick grab to sneak away for some airtime!

These bags have everything you need at a great price!  Made of polyester pack cloth, they have adjustable shoulder straps, zippered stunt kite line sleeves, generous expandable line/accessories pockets, full-length zippers and cinch cords to carry the really big stuff on the outside.



Standard Black/Red
Length: 122 cm
Width: 30.5 cm
Capacity: about 10 kites