Krystal 0.9 Trick Kite by R-Sky

$ 399.00

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The Krystal has its fans for its large presence in the sky and big precision, the KFX for its radical freestyle.  R-Sky wanted to answer to the request of many pilots combining the best of each of these kites, hence the Krystal 0.9.   Its special design, precision and versatility make her a perfect kite ballet. With a wide wind range, it will thrill many pilots looking for solid flight characteristics with elegance and freestyle.

   "The Krystal 0.9, was a great flight experience, very reminiscent of the KFX but more confident, more deliberate in it's response to in inputs.  The sail loads nicely and is quite present."

Krystal The 0.9 version is available in STD and LW, in Skyshark frame.

(Note - these kites are deeply discounted to clear the few remaining stock.  Not eligible for FREE shipping.)



Wingspan : 240 cm
Height: 96 cm
Windrange : 5 to 35 Kph
Sail : Icarex / Mylar
Upper leading edge:  P3X
Lower leading edge: P3X
Lower spreaders: 5PT
Whiskers: 3 mm (4)
Spine: 5PT


Wingspan : 240cm
Height: 96 cm
Windrange : 3 to 15 km/h
Sail : Icarex / Mylar
Upper leading edge: 3pt
Lower leading edge : 3pt
Lower spreaders: 3pt
Whiskers: 3 mm (4)
Spine: 3pt



K 0.9 by R-SKY from R-SKY on Vimeo.

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