Reflex 1.5 RX - Quad line kite

Revolution Kites

$ 418.00

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Check out our new Custom 1.5RX - exclusive to the Great Canadian Kite Company!  Strikingly warm sail colours look amazing in the sky!  This year our sail design came from our customer Philip Gammon of Ottawa, Ontario! (You can read the story below).  In Phil's honour, we have named this sail the PG!

The REVOLUTION REFLEX 1.5 RX series that utilizes the REFLEX Dynamic Wing Shaping Exclusive only on a Revolution.
Reflex Technology which allows the wing to dynamically change shape in flight.  The new Reflex RX sail pattern is “stress reinforced” throughout, including ‘border strapping’ and wear strips.  The new ‘No fray’ leading edge is included on all models.  The ’RX’ and ‘XX’ come with the new super light, super stiff Reflex 5/16” frame.  Icarex rip-stop on all models! 

New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings, are included with the RX  Kites come with the Rev Training DVD, and instructions.

Packages: Kite & Handles or Complete (includes handles and line set) 


  • Size: 236cm x 81.3cm (93" x 32")
  • Sail with Reflex frame
  • Icarex Rip-Stop Sail Cloth
  • 2 Replacement Shaft
  • NEW - removable Reflex Mechanism - fly with or without the Reflex Tech!
  • New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings
  • LaserProGold Spectra quad line set. (80ftx90lb) with Complete package
  • Sleeve
  • Rev Training DVD
  • Instructions

    The Sail Design Story

    We were wrestling with what sail colours to go with to replace the popular O’Canada.  We wrestled with various red and white themes.  Played with some green, but none of the ideas were working for us.   We just couldn’t find that one design we thought was HOT!

    In the meantime, our customer, Philip Gammon of Ottawa, Ontario was going through a similar process.   He turned in his custom design for his new Revolution kite, and Andrea and I were stopped in our tracks - Wow!  That’s what we are looking for!

    With Phil's design as inspiration, we continued to create lots of designs, and finally, we sent a design we liked to Rev for approval.  They sent us back three slight edits based upon what we had sent them.   When we saw the third design, we said: “That’s it!”  We sent to the design to Lolly and said: “Let's build these!”

    A day later I’m looking at our kite design and beaming with delight. I then filed Phil's design and ... LOL! It was the same design!  I reached out to Phil and asked if we could use his design in a limited run as our new shop special.  Phil was gracious and super enthusiastic, and hence we are pleased to introduce to you Great Canadian Kite Company’s shop special The PG Rev. 1.5RX!