Cesium Continental - Ultra Light Kite

Great Canadian Kite Company

$ 319.00

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L'Atelier fills its range out with the Cesium Continental in an ultra light version, a machine with the character of "high performance" Freestyle, intended to excel in light wind.

The Cesium Continental also brings about new innovation by ballasting the kite by distribution of mass: a sail that has a lot of mylar on purpose. Mylar being relatively heavy, combined with a very light structure, sets the kite up nicely without the tail weight. The optimum weight is thus distributed on the whole surface for a maximum homogeneity between the kite and its performance. An ideal mixture of simplicity and effectiveness allows the Cesium Continental the flexibility and inertia necessary for freestyle flight by very light wind.

The Continental takes off very easily. Nimble, it reacts to the smallest pull on the lines, and of course, prefers these lines to be short and light. Its Freestyle capabilities are rather calm and cast; typical of the new generation of ultralights. The Continental easily falls and stays on its back, making it easy to perform all tricks including Lazy Susan's, Cynique, and also Mathieu Mayet's infamous Two-Pop Yoyo!

Its precision is excellent and as good as other larger wingspan kites. Its flexible and solid structure and its Mylar sail loves taking sharp angles. Maximum airflow of Mylar and the good inertia of the structure provides the Continental with constant progressive speed, allowing you to easily gain ground even in the event of no wind.


Wingspan : 210cm
Wind : 0 to 11 kph
Bridle : 3 points
Sail : Icarex + Mylar
Spreaders : P90
Leading edge : 4 mm Structil
Standoff : Microrod Avia 2 mm
Connectors : APA
Split nocks : EXEL
Weight: 170grams

Cover system and yoyos stopper
Recommended lines : 50ft x 50lb (not included)