R-Sky Fifteen - LW Kite


$ 412.00

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The Fifteen is the result of R-Sky's 15 years of experience, 15 years of responding to flyers, 15 years of innovation.  The Fifteen is the culmination of  experience and science resulting in the incredible technical development of new tricks that will challenge many of the most proficient pilots and keep a smile on your face.

No more ballast! - The Fifteen has an atypical frame. R-SKY innovates again with this amazing and explosive mix, to make this new model, your official supplier of tricks!



Dimensions : 214 x 86 cm 

Sail : Icarex - Mylar 

Frames : Skyshark



  • Upper leading edge: 3PT 
  • Lower leading edge: P400 
  • Lower spreaders: 5PT 
  • Whiskers: Carbon 3mm (4) 
  • Spine: P90/Full carbon 6.1mm 
  • Top Cross: 5mm
  • Windrange: 4 to 30 km/h  


  • Upper leading edge: 3PT 
  • Lower leading edge: P200 
  • Lower spreaders: 3PT 
  • Whiskers:  3mm (4) 
  • Spine: P90-Full carbon 
  • Top Cross: 5mm
  • Windrange : 3 to 15 km/h

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