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We stock Revolution replacement parts - Frames, bridles, handles and line

Race Rods are specifically designed to fit into the Revolution 1.5 SLE kite. The “Race Rods” have all the strength of the current production 3 Wrap “Ultra Light” rods but only weigh about as much as the 2 wrap “Professional Use Only” rods.  This is great for those who are looking for performance in light wind but are also stuck flying in areas that experience sudden gusts and wind shifts. The “Race Rods” will lighten up your 1.5 SLE for those light wind days but still work well for flying in stronger winds.       

    • Specs: 
      • 1/4 inch 3 wrap rods (Ultra Light) 19 grams
      • 1/4 inch 2 Wrap SUL (Professional Use Only) 13.5 grams
      • Race Rods 12.5 grams
Race rods are a unique type of rod for light-wind use. They are slightly more flexible than the basic rods, and have a higher strength to weight ratio. These rods are mainly used in lower winds as an alternative for the 2-wrap rods.

Race rods are identified by their flame label with the word “Race” with an internal diameter of 1/4 inch.

Available for: Rev 1.5 / B-Series / SLE / EXP


*  Great Canadian Kite Company has a strict policy against supplying Revolution parts for knock off "Rev - like" kites.