Sleeving Kit

Shanti Kites

$ 8.99

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 Sleeving your line minimizes the chance of breakage at the knot and makes line attachment and removal a lot easier.  At each knot on your line is a place for friction to occur which reduces the strength of your kite line at that juncture.   Using sleeving allows you to dissipate the friction and increase your line life.   All of Great Canadian Kite Companies Premium line sets come pre-sleeved.   The sleeving kit is great when lines do break or you wish to buy line in bulk and build your own custom line sets.

Super easy to use, the Shanti Spleever is a combination sleeving and splicing kit with a sleeving tool and heavy duty color coded sleeving material for lines up to 300#.

Available for Dual line Set or Quad-Line Sets


  • Repair Broken Lines
  • Protects line at knots
  • Includes Instructions
  • Includes 4 sleeves

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