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Kaiju - Urban / indoor Kite SALE
Kaiju - Urban / indoor Kite SALE

Kaiju - Urban / indoor Kite

$144.00 $149.00

Simply the best in its class, the Kaiju is the best choice for light winds and zero winds.

Designed by John Barresi to be flown in light wind, light urban or indoor conditions, the Kaiju is an ideal kite to have on hand for guerrilla flying in many places you normally wouldn’t consider, a great kite to keep in the trunk of your car for an impromptu flight session wherever you happen to find yourself.

Looking at design through the eyes of a 20+ year veteran of indoor and urban flying, it was important for us to create a kite that is both forgiving and can be flown in indoor / extremely low wind conditions, as well as to allow pilots to enjoy kiting much closer to home such as in a front yard, courtyard or local park and other smaller spaces than we normally seek out with traditional kites – designed to be flown on short lines.  

Great tutorials by the master himself Here





Package includes: Kite only





153 cm

.098 and .118 micro-carbon


0-3 mph (short line)