AcrobatX Trick Kite

Flying Wing Kites

$ 159.00

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Don’t overlook this kite!

Extremely tight turning, the Acrobatx loves to stall and tricks with ease. A forgiving flier in moderate winds, it gets more responsive and trickier in light winds. An excellent kite for ambitious trick pilots, it lets you start out easy and then fly in less wind as you get better.  

Feature rich: includes YoYo stoppers, a removable 15 gram tail weight.

It is a great kite in its class.  Lighter in weight and therefore more accessible to the beginner in lower winds. Stiff frame makes for great performance.



Size: 224cm  x 94cm

Sail: Ripstop Nylon + Mylar

Frame: 6mm 

Weight:. 284 gr.

Ballast: 15 gr.

Wind Range: 6 - 35 kph

Equipped with YoYo stoppers

Line: 80’ x 80-lb. Dyneema lines on a winder (with Flying straps)