Nirvana SE - HW FreeStyle Kite

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The folks at R-Sky are pleased to present Nirvana SE (second edition). This kite has everything you have come to expect of the flagship kite of simply one of the best kite manufacturers in the world. It would be no hype to say the Nirvana is legendary!

   The Nirvana is known as the reference for acrobatic kites which combines unmatched versatility, ease of flight and extraordinary performance. Placing first at the best competitions in the world many times.

The Nirvana has seduced many pilots all over the world, freestylists or competitors,  all agree that this model today remains the standard for high-performance sport-kites. 

    The Nirvana has become legendary for its high-performance freestyle, but it became essential for the Nirvana to evolve to meet the needs of the new sport kite pilot. The model is much improved with a new design, a reworked sail, a newly designed bridle, framing modified for various flyers, and a new layout of colors.

Note: This kite is being discount due to a small repair to one leading edge sleeve.  It was repaired well by the distributor before we brought into inventory.  It is located midway along the one leading sleeve.  We can provide pictures.


Dimensions : 240cm x 100cm 
Wind Range:15 - 45 km/h
Sail: Icarex and Mylar
Upper LE: Sky Shark 5PT
Lower LE: Sky Shark 5PT 
Lower Spreaders:  Sky Shark 5PT
Stand offs: 3mm carbon
Spine: 6mm Carbon
Upper Spreader: 6mm Carbon



  • Upper and lower covered leading edges
  • Tail weight included 18 g
  • Yoyo Stoppers
  • Reverse Turbo bridle
  • Great versatility in performance
  • Innovative flight

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