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Delta Kite 2M - Great Canadian Kite Company SALE

Delta Kite 2M

$ 69.00 $ 78.00

Larger kites are more often easier to fly than small ones. This is especially true with the Delta 2M Kites, filling more sky for a great display as they also prove to be perfect flying machines. This great kite will also accommodate 'line laundry', windsocks and tails for an even greater visual impact.  Built from durable fibreglass and polyester, this kite has a very wide wind range of 8 - 39 kph. 

The Delta 2M is a great choice for anyone from a beginner to an advanced skill level. 


  • This product has a shipping length of over 100cm. The Oversized surcharge is included in the price.


Delta 2M Kite Specs