Eagle - Revolution Kites

Revolution Kites

$ 448.00

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You've seen the video's The Eagle has landed at the Great Canadian Kite Company.

Whether you are captured by the beauty and power of the Eagle; or your instinct demands that you take a second look… The Rev Eagle image and performance is grabbing everyone’s attention!

With the 8 foot wingspan, and weighing less than 10 ounces, the aspect ratio is off the charts !! Experienced Rev flyers love the amazing control and the Eagle Glide in very light winds.  We give a wind range of zero to about 14 mph.  The structure is a 5/16” Reflex shaft in the 3 piece Leading edge, and ¼” Race shafts for the verticals.

This item is available as Kite only.

Contact us if you want to package it with spectra quad line set and flying handles.


Wing Span: 243.84 cm
Weight: 283.5 gr,
Frame: 5/16" Reflex shaft and 1/4" Race Shafts
Line: 90Lb x 80ft (or 30ft) sold separately
Handles: Sold separately