Enif Star Kite

Into The Wind

$ 49.00

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With its taut sail and crisp graphic, this beautiful star kite is a lively flier that dances in the sky. Designed by Italian kitemaker Maurizio Angeletti, the flat sail makes it responsive to line control while the long tail makes it a well-behaved flier. Made of lightweight ripstop nylon. As a flat kite, it needs steady winds of 10 to 40 kph. The Enif is the brightest star in Italian skies.

Product Specifications

Size: 83.5cm x 83.5cm
Sail: Ripstop nylon
Frame: Fibreglass
Tail: 20ft
Line: 200ft x 50lb (included)
Skill Level: Beginner
Wind Range: 10 - 40 kph