Ion Sport Kite

$ 165.95 $ 170.13

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The first thing you notice is the cool graphite fabric motif. But the Ion has far more to offer than eye-catching graphics. This all-rounder is extremely versatile and multi-talented – high quality, robust, wide wind range and equally suited to both gusty inland winds and strong coastal winds. Ion has good, precise trick kiting attributes and flies effortlessly through modern trick sequences. Flic Flacs, Multi Lazys, Comets, Axel-Cascades, 540s – a dream, it’s so easy. 
Strong winds? Fantastic ground passes or extreme loops will always give the pilot absolute controllability. The attributes of this kite make it well suited to beginners.


Wing Span 205 cm
Height 85 cm
Sail Ripstop-Polyester
Frame 6 mm carbon + hybrid
Lines Dyneema 130 lb. x 80 ft. on winder with straps, incl. 
Wind 10-40 km/h
Alter 14+