Limbo II Sport Kite - Classic

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$ 93.00

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Limbo II is truly a worthy successor to the well-known Limbo – more pull, more precision, sturdier, simple to assemble and the addition of bold graphite fabric accents. Despite the good-natured flight characteristics which make the Limbo II an excellent choice for beginners, this kite offers exceptional performance in its class - 
pleasant design, precise and punchy flight, and wide wind range. 

A frame of sturdy fiber­glass renders the Limbo II extremely robust. No matter whether the winds are light or strong sea breezes are blowing – Limbo II is great fun even in difficult wind conditions.

  • This product has a shipping length of over 100cm. The Oversized surcharge is included in the price.


Wing Span: 155 cm
Height: 67 cm
Sail: Ripstop-Polyester
Frame: 5 mm fibreglass
Lines: Polyester 90 lb. x 65 ft. on winder with straps, incl.
Wind Range 10-49 km/h
Ages: 10+