Maurizio's Large Enif Kite

Into The Wind

$ 96.00

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Maurizio’s big Enif has a colour wheel in the center that looks strikingly 3-D.

With its taut sail and crisp graphics, this beautiful star kite is a lively flier that dances in the sky. Designed by Italian kitemaker Maurizio Angeletti, the flat sail makes it responsive to line control while the long tail makes it a well-behaved flier.

Made of lightweight ripstop nylon. As a flat kite, it needs steady winds of 11 to 33 kph  

  • 121.92cm x 121.92cm

  • Carbon and fibreglass spars.

  • 33-ft. tail.

  • Use 75-lb. Dacron line.

The over-length surcharge is included in the price.