Pan Flute Kite

Into The Wind

$ 55.00

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Make the most of your kite when the wind howls. When the wind cranks up enough to hear it,  it's too strong for most kites.

A reliably easy flier, even in very strong winds, the Pan Flute never gets overpowered or pulls hard. With no sticks to break and nothing to assemble, it's the kite that never says "no" to the wind.

Made of ripstop nylon, its seven tubes inflate and self-adjust to the wind, while the 10-ft banner tail adds style and stability. 

Product Specifications

Size: 99cm x 66cm

Line: 300ft x 50lb on handle (included)

Skill Level: Beginner
Minimum Wind Speed: 8 kph
Maximum Wind Speed: 45 kph