Puma Trick Kite

Into The Wind

$ 119.00

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Let this cat teach you some new tricks!

This is a lovely flying kite!  Designed to take you from your first flight to your first trick and beyond, the Puma is a trick kite that’s all-around friendly. Easy to trick in light winds, its speed and precision come on strong when the wind picks up. A simple bridle adjustment lets you tune it for relaxed or aggressive style flying.

This kite is often overlooked but it shouldn't be! We use this kite when training our new flyers!  A robust, sturdy kite that is resilient for the learning curve and also capable of many of the latest tricks.  We also like that it has a wide wind range which means even in lower winds it loads up and flies easier than others in this category.  You won't outgrow this kite quickly!



Wingspan: 188cm

Height: 84cm

Weight: 281 gr.

Frame: Carbon/fibreglass

Sail: Ripstop nylon 9.9-oz. 

Line: 80ft x 100-lb. Dyneema lines, straps and winder - Incl.

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