Reflex XX Kite - Four Line Kite

Revolution Kites

$ 400.00

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A totally new breakthrough in kite technology design from Revolution!!
The REVOLUTION REFLEX series with ‘Auto-pilot’.
Exclusive only on a Revolution.  Dynamic Wing Shaping.


Impressive Light wind flying (0-8), and a Huge Wind Window.

In winds over 8 mph, more power, more fun (than 1.5 sail size). 

Like you are getting 2 kites in One Reflex.

Super Stable-- wants to Hover ( larger sail, bigger wingspan)

Features of the Rev Reflex:

  • New, larger sail size - 251cm x 84cm
  • Strategically reinforced pattern design
  • Standard Sail with vented options available in the future
  • Optimized panel lay-out for maximum performance
  • ‘No-fray’ Leading Edge.
  • Highly custom Reflex framing designed specifically for this sail
  • Framed with 5/16" diameter  - A Free extra shaft is included with each kite.  
  • New Carbon Light handles with multi-knot settings.  
  • Kites will still be packaged with the Rev Training DVD, and instructions.

All sails have the standard White and Black panels.

  • Red/ Blue
  • just Red 
  • Lime/ Purple
  • Sunset Yellow/ Orange

Kites are special ordered and Shipped Fast!