1.5 - Revolution Kites (Gold/Red/White)

Revolution Kites

$ 249.50 $ 374.00

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   The Rev 1.5 continues to be the most dominant quadline sportwing on the market today, both with leisure fliers and competitors alike. The 1.5 has a great sail-to-weight ratio which gives the pilot the freedom to fly in a wide range of wind conditions. 
The high grade nylon sail teamed with the state of the art carbon frame has created a sportwing that is quicker (clocked flying over 45 mph) with enhanced control-ability.
    This combination of speed and control make this model a very responsive and precise flying machine. The 1.5 boasts an amazingly crisp clean dive-stop maneuver, very impressive to the crowds you will attract flying this sportwing.  

Bonus: Each of our 1.5's come with TWO leading edges –  This is like getting two kites for the price of one! 


  • Wing Span: 230cm
  • Weight: 266 gm
  • Wind Range: 8-40 km/h
  • Frame: 3-wrap   w/ 7/16" Super Leading Edge 
  • Bonus UL Leading Edge
  • Available in Kite Only OR Complete Package (Includes lines, handles, DVD, Manual)