Rush PRO V 350 - HQ Kites Trainer


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Rush PRO V- 350
Never grounded - 3rd line safety!  

The  HQ Rush PRO V 350 trainer kite features hot, new sail graphics, profile and more. The HQ Rush Pro V kite helps you proceed to the next  level quickly and safely, laying a foundation for all aspects of power-kiting.  The Rush Pro V trainer kite has all the requirements of the real traction kites.  The new internal chamber system is extremely robust, coupled with the 3rd line system provides necessary safety, and and great for reverse relaunch! 
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  • No unexpected brokerage fees or taxes
  • No delays at Customs
  • The Rush Pro V three-line trainer kite is the perfect training kite for kite boarding, land boarding and snow kiting. Or just fly it for fun!
  • New, extremely robust Cell Structure
  • 3rd line for safety & reliable reverse launch
  • Flying line already attached to the kite - Unpack & Fly!
  • More eficiente Bridle for less drag
  • Good low wind performance 




    CAUTION: These kites can generate tremendous pull which can be dangerous for the inexperienced pilot. Purchaser accepts all risk and liability for the safe and proper use of these kites. Be sure to follow instructions and safety precautions.

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