Silver Fox 2.3 PRO UL

Flying Wing Kites

$ 239.00

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When performance matters choose the PRO.

The Silver Fox PRO has lower weight, better sail profile and the bridle has been fine tuned and upgraded compared to the Silver Fox UL. These upgrades improve performance and make the most advanced tricks easier and more fluid. The Silver Fox Pro UL comes with YoYo stoppers and extended leads to the tow points making roll-up tricks more accessible.  It also comes with tail AND spine weights.

Silver Fox 2.3 PRO UL is the catalyst for instant improvement in your flying skills.  The Silver Fox Pro is equipped and performs as well (if not better) as many of the top boutique kites.  This is a great kite!

 This is the UL - Ultra Light, Low Wind Model of the Silver Fox Pro.


Wingspan: 230cm x 90 cm

Frame: Dynamic 10 and Dynamic T12

Sail: Icarex PC31

Bridle: Turbo with extended leads to the tow points

Weight:  269.5 gr. (9.5oz.)

Windrange: 3.5 - 16 kph

Ballast: Tail and Spine weights (removable)

Misc: YoYo Stoppers

Level: Intermediate - Advanced

Line: 90lb recommended (not included)