Silver Fox 2.3 UL - Grey

Flying Wing Kites

$ 235.00

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The Silver Fox 2.3 UL is engineered for light wind performance.  The small ultra lights are fun but if you are looking for a great kite that flies well in lower wind and capable of all the tricks, the Silver Fox 2.3 UL is a great choice.

The Silver Fox 2.3 UL has an adjustable Turbo "Beads" (TBS) bridle that you adjust for the kind of flying you desire. For very light winds, precision and team flying use 3-point bridle mode. Looking for full on Freestyle? Switch to Turbo mode.

This kite preforms as well as many of the higher end sport kites.  This means you don't have to choose between the budget and performance.



  • Size: 230cm x 90cm
  • Sail: Ventex polyester and Mylar
  • Frame: Dynamics T12 and T15
  • Wind range: 2-16 kph
  • Lines: sold separately