Silver Fox 2.5 Vented

Flying Wing Kites

$ 289.00

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Flying Wings brings it all to the table and slaps it down with authority!   The innovative designed Silverfox 2.5 Vented sets the standard in high wind kites and kite design.   The Silverfox 2.5 Vented includes all the innovative designs found in the other Silverfox models but incorporates venting like no other kite in the world!

First, the wingtips have striking but stylish geometric holes instead of the standard screens used for venting on most of today's high wind kites.   These holes are hot cut, then reinforced with a durable clear mylar tape backing to keep them from wear or fray in those high wind days.   The center keel of the kite has a screen mesh venting that is not only effective but extremely unique and innovative.   The venting itself is not much different than normal vented kites but Flying Wings has added a channeled tunnel of ripstop on the backside of the venting that when the kite is flown in the normal position, it channels the wind through the venting and out the back of the kite.   When the kite is in the fade position (on its back) the channels close against the vented mesh to stop the airflow.   This fixes that annoying problem with other vented kites that fall out of the air or lose all control when placed in the fade position.   Recovery from the fade is simple and like every other standard model kite.   This unique method of venting allows the Silverfox 2.5 Vented to perform nearly every trick on the winds well over 20mph!!!   In lighter winds, the Vented 2.5 Silverfox is smooth as glass and begs to be flown.   Graceful, sleek, stunning, trick monster, controllable....all used to describe the Silverfox 2.5 Vented.



91.5 x 250cm ( 8' 2")
New Dynamic 18 , T18
Ventex Polyester and Mylar
5 ~ 30 mph
Free style
Intermediate - Advanced


Designed by Bell Chiu of Flying Box Studio (the Acrobatx designer) the Silver Fox series features sails of Ventex Polyester, framing of Dynamic Wrapped Carbon rods, pre-installed weights and ballast and yo-yo stoppers.   Pretty much everything a professional kite pilot looks for in a modern sport kite!

The Silver Fox series of professional sport kites feature the Turbo Beads System bridle (TBS).   This unique bridle bead system lets you easily change your kites bridle settings to either a 3 point or turbo bridle setup.   Use 3 point mode for more Precision Flying, team, or low wind flying.   Switch to Turbo Mode for Trick Flying and individual or high wind flying.   You can easily and quickly change your bridle on your kite by simply attaching the bridle connection points to the same color marked beads already on the kite.