Sweet 16 'Dark Energy' Delta Kite

Into The Wind

$ 455.00

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Sweet 16, a single line power kite

Big enough to blow you away, the Sweet 16-ft. delta is designed and built to be better. Seemingly weightless in light winds, quite a trick for a 3 1/2-lb. kite, it has the lift to hoist a ton of line laundry. Built to handle strong winds, it pulls like a horse in more than 15 mph.  Made with lightweight, durable Dutch fiberglass spars and ripstop nylon, it's reinforced extensively.
 Wind range: 3 to 18 mph.

Three tail attachment points.



Wing Span: 487 cm

Height: 244 cm

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Fibre Glass

Case: 128 cm long

Wind Range: 5 - 30 kph

Recommended Line:  300lb