The Eagle - Revolution Kite

Revolution Kites

$ 419.00

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Mount up on Wings like Eagles!

Whether you are captured by the beauty and power of the Eagle; or your instinct demands that you take a second look… The Rev Eagle image and performance is grabbing everyone’s attention!

Experienced Rev flyers love the amazing control, and the Eagle Glide in very light winds. With the 8 foot wingspan, and weighing less than 284 grams, the aspect ratio is off the charts !!

These have been in short supply and we have limited quantity available.


Wingspan: 243.84 cm
Wind Range: 0 - 22.5 kph
Frame: 5/16" Reflex Shaft (LE) & 1/4" Race frame for the verticals

Package: Kite, space shaft, and small repair kit.
Line: Not included
Handles: not included