Wala 2.0 Glide Kite

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$ 85.00

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Looking for a great Glide Kite?  Look no further!

Take the Wala 2.0 everywhere because the two-piece leading edges and spine break down into an easy-to-carry 53cm length.

The Wala 2.0 is designed to "glide" in both indoors and outdoors - no wind to low wind conditions.  It is balanced well and can be controlled to glide elegantly by pulling and/or releasing the flying line. With a smoother glide than the original, you'll have the most graceful kite in the sky.

When the winds pick up speed, you can fly the Wala 2.0 like a traditional single line kite in the recommended 0- 35 kph wind range.

Ready to fly with 160' of 90-lb. polyester on a winder.


Size:160cm x 99cm

Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: 3 mm Carbon

Line:  160' of 90-lb. polyester on a winder (included)

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