Zenith 7 Delta Kite

Prism Kites

$ 89.00 $ 96.00

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The Zenith 7 is the perfect way to mark your spot in the great outdoors. It likes beaches, parks, mountain tops, and wide-open spaces, with a high-tech look that can’t be missed anywhere there’s a breeze.

Its 7-foot wing has 80% more sail area than the Zenith 5, for a stronger pull that’s great for lifting extra tails, line laundry, or even a small action camera.

The frame has bungees in the spars like a tent pole, so they spring into place and stay put to make assembly a cinch. Comes with dual streamer tails and a quality braided flying line on an easy-to-use hoop winder.


Wind Range8-40 kph
Wing Span: 213 cm
Included Flying Line: 300' x 80 lbs Polyester